Available on these platforms:
Fire TV

To install on your Apple device, please go to the AppleTV store and search for "Rediscover Oregon"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rediscover Oregon?

Rediscover Oregon is a new streaming television channel highlighting all the great things to do and visit in Oregon. From Astoria and the coast, to Pendleton and eastern Oregon. From downtown Portland to downtown Bend, from the Willamette Valley to southern Oregon and beyond.

Where can people watch the Rediscover Oregon channel?

This is a streaming channel available on ROKU, FireTV, AppleTV and others.

Where does the content for Rediscover Oregon come from?

The video content found on Rediscover Oregon is provided in partnership with local YouTube content producers. These producers are not paid for sharing their content, but we help them reach a greater audience through the heavy promotion of the channel to Pamplin and EO Media’s 1.84 million weekly readers.

Can advertisers share their video content with Rediscover Oregon?

Yes. We encourage our Rediscover Oregon advertisers to share their own content for consideration on our streaming channel. Of course, there are hard costs to producing this channel which is why paid advertising is critical to our future success. And depending on the growth and popularity of Rediscover Oregon, we may not always be able to offer this as a free option to our advertisers. This is why we have created some sponsored content options on our rate card.

How will the Rediscover Oregon channel be promoted?

The Rediscover Oregon channel will be promoted weekly to 1.84 million readers of EO Media and Pamplin Media Group using all our media assets – print, digital, social media and email.


How can I advertise on Rediscover Oregon?

Advertisers can buy spots in 15, 30 or 60 seconds in length. We also offer longer format video advertising options. Rediscover Oregon is a great channel for clients with videos of several minutes or longer to be exposed to our 1.84 million weekly readers.  Please talk to your local marketing representative for more information.

What is the deadline to reserve space?

Campaigns are sold on a long-term basis. If we have inventory, we can upload a new campaign within 5 working days. Contact your local marketing representative for rate information.

What is the deadline to send in video?

Five working days prior to when the client hopes to have these live on our channel

What are the required video format and sizes?

Dimensions: 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720 (16:9) 

File Format: MP4, MOV

Max File Size: 300 MB

What if my client only has 60 second spots? Can they still buy our packages when we note 15 second spots?

Yes. We can work with our clients no matter the length of their spots. We would just need to do the math on how many spots they would be able to run based on what package they were interested in buying.


Client only has 60 second spots and wants to buy a $500 monthly package. This package offers 500 – 15 second spots in a month = 7500 seconds of advertising per month. Divide 7,500 by 60 seconds and this client would be able to run 125 spots per month

Spots per month 15 second 30 second 60 second 90 second
$500 package 500 spots 250 spots 125 spots 84 spots
$750 package 750 spots 375 spots 188 spots 125 spots
$1,000 package 1,000 spots 500 spots 250 spots 167 spots


How will accounts be billed?

Billing is done at the end of each month. The exception is for new accounts where payment is due when a campaign begins or until credit is established

Will I receive reports on when my spots run?

Yes. We will provide monthly reports by date and time of when a spot ran.

How often will the content on Rediscover Oregon be updated?

Most of the content will be evergreen – meaning it will always be relevant to anyone interested in all things related to tourism in Oregon. But our intent is to update the content to keep the channel fresh and providing viewers a reason to keep watching.


Will ads and content rotate throughout the day?

Yes. Ads and content will be adjusted throughout the day to always give the channel a fresh feel whenever someone is watching. Our goal is to have 24 hours of fresh content rotating all the time. So if you always watch the channel at 10:00 pm, different content should be running at that time each night.


Will viewers be able to search the channel for content or geographic areas?

Not at this time. But this is definitely something we are planning on in the first year that the channel is in operation.

Can my ads to placed next to content specific to my geographic area?

Not at this time. But we will be able to offer this feature once we have finalized our content.